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Ojai Energetics Review

In this article, we will spell out who Ojai Energetics is as an entity, what they are selling and why you should choose their products. The article shall also give an overview of some of the bestselling products at Ojai Energetics. There shall also be a section of ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ to put some of the general queries of visitors to the website at ease. Towards the tail end of this article there shall be a write-up of an overview of the company website for purposes of easier and more efficient navigation through it for new as well as return visitors, a breakdown of the shopping process, how to make a purchase and finally pay for them or it. A customer service section shall be featured to give visitors to the site an idea on how to directly contact Ojai Energetics should there be a reason to. Finally, the whole article shall be rounded off at the conclusion.

Who is Ojai Energetics?

Ojai Energetics CouponOjai Energetics was founded in 2014 by Will Kleidon who is the Founder and CEO. It came about from his personal need for a CBD product that was pure, organic and did not use synthetic fillers in its process. Over and above this is that it needed to have third party testing results for official accreditation purposes. The result was a feel-good product that one would be more than comfortable taking and even sharing with loved ones. And Ojai Energetics continues to grow, with new customizable products in the pipeline as well as recycling methods for the creation of energy from hemp waste.

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Why is Ojai Energetics the Best CBD?

We use IP-Protected CBD Delivery Technology. Simply put, this means that we wrap up our full-spectrum CBD oil in extremely tiny bubbles of water, this therefore enables for instant absorption upon contact with the mouth. This immediate absorption causes most people to feel the benefits of CBD in 30 seconds. This process also increases the amount of CBD the body can use, with over a 20x increase. The ingredients used are also organic and no synthetic compounds are used in the creation process. We offer purity, potency, and transparency in our processes, vital nutrients and value for money.

Why Should I Choose Ojai Energetics?

When it comes to your normal CBD oils, the amount that is finally absorbed into the body is only 10% of whatever you have consumed. The reason is that most of it gets destroyed by the stomach and liver acids in the human body. At Ojai Energetics, we have come up with ground-breaking IP-Protected CBD Delivery Technology that ensures immediate, wholesome and safe absorption. Our body’s cannabinoid receptors in the tongue adjusts and the full spectrum hemp elixir changes flavor from bitter to sweet when the correct ration of cannabinoids enters the blood. You then are able to feel the benefits of the CBD in a minute or less. In addition, the sweet flavor is how you know you’ve attained the optimal CBD dosage for that day.

Our CBD is produced with the highest sourced quality of pure and sustainable hemp from farmers whose farming husbandry methods are second to none. All of our CBD tinctures are batch tested by third-party vendors, therefore only the purest and best quality of the product is released. The information from the tests from our labs is also available for one to see exactly what is in the organic CBD oil.

Is Ojai Energetics Legal?

Yes. CBD is legal in all 50 states in the USA. There are no restrictions legally on the importation, production, sale or consumption of hemp and hemp-derived extracts. Hemp oil is also legal and is consumed by millions worldwide in over 40 countries around the world and this number continues to rise.

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What Are They Selling at Ojaienergetics.com?

Ojai Energetics is in the business of selling the most water-soluble CBD in the market. It is one of the most fast-acting CBD products made through the new and innovative IP-Protected CBD Delivery Technology. The ingredients used are all organic which have been put through the best farming practices to ensure purity and potency of the final product.

Best-Selling CBD Products at Ojaienergetics.com:

  1. Ojai Energetics CBD Trial Pack

Ojai Energetics CBD Trial Pack coupon

This is a set of Ojai Energetics best-selling products. The CBD Trial Pack is ideal for those just starting off with our organic CBD oil. The pack is made with ingredients that are organic in nature and have been grown by farmers in Indonesia. By this Ojai Energetics is in a way giving back to the planet. The pack is effective and its CBD-rich hemp coconut oil can be applied on your skin, hair and used for massages. It can also be added to coffee, smoothies and other drinks as one might deem fit. And just as a cautionary measure, CBD can act like grapefruit, therefore, talk to your medical physician if you are taking medication that indicates not to take with grapefruit. Also, for those using insulin, monitor blood sugar levels before the use of insulin after taking our products, as CBD promotes healthy blood sugar levels in healthy persons.

This package includes one Full Spectrum Hemp Elixir, and one 12oz CBD Coconut Oil, it goes for $119.90. Please check Ojai Energetics coupon code below to get discount at checkout.

  1. Ojai Energetics Full Spectrum Hemp Elixir

Full Spectrum Hemp Elixir review

Meet the only water-soluble full spectrum organic CBD oil. It does not use synthetics or synthetically modified compounds in its creation process, it is filled with some of nature’s most powerful superfoods, like moringa and acerola cherry. Its benefits are fast-acting and can be reaped almost immediately. The system of assimilation into the body also ensures that you get what you pay for and nothing gets lost in the absorption process. When using the elixir, dispense a quarter of the CBD oil in the dropper under your tongue while taking note of how it tastes. Continue adding a quarter of the CBD in the dropper under your tongue until the bitter taste begins to become sweet. Keep going one drop at a time until it tastes 100% sweet like honey, then stop. Stop completely when your whole tongue with the exception of its backsides feel the sweet taste. At this point, you will have attained the perfect dose of CBD oil for your body for that particular day. Should you still want more after five minutes, repeat the above process. It is advisable to consult with your health care provider before use of CBD products.

The Full Spectrum Hemp Elixir is sold individually at $74.95, in a pack of three at $204.60 ($68.20 each bottle), and alternatively in a pack of six at $374.75 ($62.50 each bottle).

  1. Ojai Energetics CBD Coconut Oil

Ojai Energetics CBD Coconut Oil coupons

The coconut used to make this CBD oil is bio-dynamically grown, meaning it is grown in living soil that provides a quality of nutrition and health that is not possible if chemical fertilizers were used. This type of farming aims to generate its own fertility through composting, crop rotation among other means, and therefore, giving back to the earth. In the making of most CBD oils, coconut oil is heated, thus killing off the helpful enzymes. At Ojai Energetics, our coconut oil is raw and virgin, alive with all the healthy enzymes and fats that work in perfect union with the CBD-rich hemp oil. The final product, therefore, contains a creamy taste of the tropics and is best for enhancing your favorite recipes, adding onto your spreads and smoothies.

And again just as a cautionary measure, CBD can act similar to grapefruit, therefore, have a chat with your medical physician if you are taking medication that indicates not to take with grapefruit. Also, for those using insulin, monitor blood sugar levels before the use of insulin after taking our products, as CBD promotes healthy blood sugar levels in healthy persons.

This CBD Coconut Oil comes in two containers, 5oz container at $27.95, and the 12oz container at 54.95.

  1. Ojai Energetics Full Spectrum Sports Gel

OjaiEnergetics Gel reviews

This is the ultimate in sports gel. Its water encapsulated hemp extract has been combined with some of nature’s most powerful herbs such as Rosemary, Mint, Ginger, Arnica, Spilanthes, Calendula and many more. This combination provides for an experience that is second to none. Using our IP-Protected Delivery Technology, the gel is fast-acting and allows for ultimate efficacy and penetration. It is the only water-soluble full spectrum CBD made without synthetics. As always, it is corn, soy, gluten and GMO-free. When it comes to its use or application, rub the lotion by hand or directly onto the specific area and gently massage into skin. Repeat as needed.

CBD can act similar to grapefruit, so it is important to have a chat with your medical doctor if you are taking medication that indicates not to take with grapefruit. Also, for those using insulin, monitor blood sugar levels before the use of insulin after taking our products, as CBD promotes healthy blood sugar levels in healthy persons.

The Full Spectrum Sports Gel comes in a 1oz container, priced at $46.95.


  • Why is Ojai Energetics CBD a dark yellow color?

We try and keep the processing of our CBD to a minimum. In this way, we keep the plant as whole as we can. The dark yellow color is as a product of this process. Ojai Energetics does not remove the chlorophyll and the phytonutrients from our final products. Through the IP-Protected Technology, the components are then wrapped up in minute water bubbles to optimize its absorption into your body. We are the only ones that do this without using synthetic ingredients.

  • Why does Ojai Energetics CBD start to taste sweet?

This is due to the immediate absorption technology introduced by Ojai Energetics. It causes the body’s cannabinoid receptors in the tongue to regulate, and change flavor from bitter to sweet once the correct dose of the cannabinoids enters the blood for that day.

  • Will CBD show up on a drug test?

The levels of THC in CBD are well below the federal legal limit. Having said this, there are still trace amounts of compounds that in theory could show a false positive on a drug test. We do not make any guarantees thus advice CBD users to use their best judgment.

  • When should I take CBD oil?

Any time during the day is ok but morning is best, this however changes when your purpose is for better quality of sleep. In such a case then an hour before sleep would be best. CBD can also be taken with or without food.

  • How long does a bottle of CBD last?

A bottle of 1 oz. has 30 full droppers. There’s the intake that an individual should not exceed but in general everybody and their needs are different. On average a bottle will last a month or so. It is also important to mention that for most people, the CBD oil has an inverse tolerance meaning that less CBD is needed for the same results after the first loading period.

  • Where is the Ojai Energetics hemp oil from?

Ojai Energetics uses Colorado Farm Bill-compliant, certified organic hemp flowers. Carbon dioxide is then used in the extraction process to create the CBD products.

What Makes Ojai Energetics different with other CBD Brands?

IP-Protected CBD Delivery Technology, this is what sets Ojai Energetics apart from the rest. Simply put, this system of absorption into the body ensures that it happens within seconds. You consume and within 30 seconds, you reap its benefits. On the other hand, if the speed of absorption isn’t enough for you then the fact that you get to assimilate close to 100% of what you consumed, direct into your bloodstream instead of only 10%, should seal the deal for you. Ojai’s CBD oil also has an inverse tolerance on the body meaning that less CBD is needed over time for the same results after the first loading period. The CBD produced is also of the highest quality of pure and sustainable hemp.

Quick Ojaienergetics.com Reviews:

Website Layout

Ojai Energetics review

The Ojai Energetics website (https://ojaienergetics.com) is a pretty straight-forward website and easily navigable for both first-time and returning visitors. The header section of the website has direct links to its key pages. They are About, Shop, My Account, OE Tech, Contact, and finally Cart. As you scroll down on the Home page, the site gives a brief description of the major features of the different products that it sells such as Purity, Vital Nutrients, Health Benefits and others. It also has links to pages that you can purchase the products directly from. There’s a section of who Ojai Energetics is, when it began, what they stand for and so on.

On the footer section of the website, there is a list of quick links to the pages such as Privacy Policy, Terms, FAQ, Blog and others. There’s also a read on the corporate responsibility of Ojai Energetics as well as its full contacts. Finally at the bottom left of the screen is an icon to its accessibility menu for ease of navigation through the site for people living with disability.

Shopping Processing

Click on the ‘Shop’ link on the header section of the website. Once you find your way to the shop and the specific product(s) you would wish to purchase, depending on the quantity of each product which you can indicate at this point, add it or them to your shopping cart by clicking on the ‘Add to Cart’ or ‘Buy Now’ button. If you wish to add anything to your shopping cart, you may return and continue shopping. If not, then click on ‘Proceed to Checkout’, and just before this, should you have a Coupon Code to earn a discount, enter it into a provided field, if not, and check out.

Order & Payment

Under a product, once you click on ‘Add to Cart’ and have added all you wish to shop from the Ojai Energetics website, simply click on ‘Proceed to Checkout’. Here, you will be prompted to enter your personal, shipping and payment details as well as authorize your preferred payment method. If you have a ‘Ojai Energetics Coupon Code’, insert it. Once you are done with this whole process, then click on ‘Place Order’.

The website accepts all major credit cards as the process shall indicate once you get to the payment section.

Customer Service

Ojai Energetics has different social media platforms; Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Through these, the customers can contact them directly. Also at the website footer section, there is a link to the FAQs, but should your inquiry not have been addressed here you can contact them directly via the Contact link at the header section of the website through their telephone number or email address, you can also send a typed out message.

Ojai Energetics Review – Should I Buy Ojai Energetics Products?

When it comes to products that are pure, have no high, contain vital nutrients and have health benefits, Ojai Energetics specializes in these. Our ground-breaking fast-acting technology is assured to give you exactly what you expected from our CBD products and more. Focusing on products that are organic in nature also confirms our business ideology of giving back to Mother Nature and using green energy is also part of our corporate social responsibility. In essence, we make sure that the relationship with the earth is never one way.

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