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Mission Farms CBD Review

The following article is a comprehensive review of the company, Mission Farms, and its main product offerings. The article will provide details on who the company is, what it sells, its best selling products, and what makes this company’s CBD oils different to those sold by the company. This Mission farms CBD review will end by describing the website in order to ease navigation by new users.

Who Are They?

Mission farms CBD couponMission Farms is a company specializing in the manufacture and sale of CBD products. The company grows its hemp in Oregon in close proximity to the Deschutes River. The planting, tending, and harvesting of the company’s hemp is done by hand, giving the company’s products that true mark of quality.

It then oversees the extraction process of the CBD from this organically, hand-grown hemp.

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Why Should I Choose Mission Farms CBD?

The company prides itself in growing its hemp organically. This means that no chemicals or pesticides are used in the growth process. This ensures that the CBD oil that you purchase from this company is chemical/pesticide free.

In a world where consumers are becoming more aware of the dangers of consuming chemical-laden products, this company’s products are leading the charge in promoting consumer safety.

Another reason you should choose Mission Farms CBD is the fact that it only uses therapeutic grade, organically and hand grown hemp in the manufacture of its CBD products.

Furthermore, the company infuses only specific, specialized essential oils with proven health benefits, into their CBD products.

Best Selling Products at Missionfarmscbd.com:

The following are the best selling products sold at the company’s website. This section will provide an overview of each product detailing their prominent features, and what makes them so popular amongst customers.

  1. Rest CBD Oil

Rest CBD Oil coupon

The Rest CBD Oil is an organic blend of high grade CBD and healthy essential oils designed to provide and promote deep sleep and holistic restoration.

This CBD oil product from Mission Farms CBD allows you to fall and stay asleep, and ensure that when you awake, you are thoroughly refreshed.

Rest CBD oil does not contain any THC, which means you will not experience any psychoactive effects after consuming this product. In addition, there is zero chance of users getting addicted to the product. Furthermore, this product is all natural, and does not contain any chemicals.

Ingredients include Organic MCT Coconut Oil, Organic Vanilla Flavouring, complete hemp extract, organic chamomile essential oil, organic bergamot essential oil, organic lavender essential oil, and organic orange essential oil.

The trial size, which is 250mg or 10 servings will cost you $29, while the full size, 1000mg bottle will cost you $99. The trial size comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.


  1. Pure CBD Cream

Pure CBD Cream promo code

Enrich your well-being using Mission Farms’ Pure CBD Cream. This milk cream contains high grade blend CBD and goat milk, and is used in the treatment and hydration of sensitive skin. Consisting of 300mg of CBD oil, this cream is useful in the treatment of inflamed skin, hydration, and exfoliation, as well as in the stimulation of elastin, and collagen.

CBD is known to contain anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties, which are effective at treating a variety of skin conditions. The CBD bonds with the pain receptors in your cells offering relief from both pain and itching. The goat milk offers an enriching, moisturising effect.

This cream is all natural as it is derived from organically, and hand grown hemp. No chemicals are used in the growth of this hemp. This product is also rich in antioxidants as well as alpha-hydroxy.


  1. Relieve CBD Joint and Muscle Gel

CBD Joint and Muscle gel discount

This CBD Joint and Muscle gel from Mission Farms CBD helps to speed up recovery from injury, ease any pain a user might be experiencing, as well as reduce inflammation.

This product consists of 300mg of CBD, which once applied on the pain point, provides relief by bonding to the pain receptors within the cells. In addition, the CBD works by fighting against inflammation and its associated pain.

The gel is 87% organic, and contains whole hemp extract, and natural aloe leaf juice, as well as a host of  essential oils that include eucalyptus, capsicum, camphor, rosemary, spearmint, pine needle, black pepper, sweet basil, and peppermint.


  1. Pure CBD Goat Milk Soap

Pure CBD Soap sale

This is an organic blend of CBD, honey, oatmeal, and goat milk that is potent at enhancing the user’s overall well-being. In addition, this product is effective at treating and managing any dry skin issues. With 200 mg of CBD, this soap is designed specifically for use by people with highly sensitive skin.

The anti-inflammatory properties of both the goat milk and the CBD make this product effective at providing relief for individuals suffering from well-known skin conditions such as dry skin, and psoriasis.

Other ingredients include coconut oil, palm oil, and olive oil.


What Makes Mission Farms CBD to Other CBD Oil Companies?

Mission Farms grows its own hemp, and is in complete control over its CBD manufacture including the labeling of its products. This is unlike other CBD companies that purchase powdered CBD to use in their products.

Owing to this fact, Mission Farms is able to provide pure, and high quality CBD to all of its customers.

In addition, the company guarantees the accuracy of the amount of CBD advertised in its products.

Quick Missionfarmscbd.com Reviews

Website Layout

Mission Farms CBD review

Their company’s website layout (https://missionfarmscbd.com/) is simple allowing easy navigation even for those individuals who are new to the site. All of the pertinent information including product links, and quality guarantees can be found on the homepage.

Shopping Processing

Each product has its own page where customers can find information regarding the product ingredients, its main uses, proof of quality, and its price.

There is also a virtual shopping cart where you can place all of the items you wish to purchase before checkout.

Order and Payment

Order and payment are done strictly on the website. Once you have finished shopping, click on the checkout button. You will be redirected to the purchase page where you will be required to fill in your personal and payment details. You will also be required to select your preferred payment method, and authorize payment to the company from this method.

When the payment has gone through, you will receive an email confirming your payment, and providing you with further instructions regarding the shipping and delivery of the products purchased.

Customer Service

The website has a ‘Contact Us’ page where you can receive adequate and prompt customer care support for all of your inquiries.

There is also helpful information on the site on how to become an affiliate partner of the company.

Finally, Should I Buy Mission Farms CBD Products?

Yes, you should definitely purchase Mission Farms CBD Products because this company specializes in producing organic CBD Oils that have proven health benefits.

Its Farm-to-Family CBD Solutions are chemical free and manufactured using therapeutic grade, hand-grown hemp.

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How to Buy Mission Farms CBD Products?

Simply visit the company’s website, select the products you wish to purchase, and pay for them using your preferred payment method. Once your payment has been approved, you will receive an email confirming your purchase, and you will be provided with further instructions in regards to the shipping and delivery of the products purchased.

Hurry and purchase now in order to be eligible for a special discount at missionfarmscbd.com.

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