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Leef Organics Review – The Whole Plant CBD Products

In this Leef Organic review, we shall fully describe who Leef Organics is, what they have on the market for sale and why you should choose their products. It shall also provide a brief overview of some of their best selling products. Incorporated herein will also be a FAQ section to answer any general queries that customers might have. In the last section of this article, a brief overview of the company website shall be included. This will be to encourage the ease of navigation through the website for new as well as return visitors. There shall also be a breakdown of the shopping process, how to make order(s) and finally pay for them. A customer service segment shall also be featured. This will be to give visitors to the site an idea of how to directly contact Leef Organics should the need to do so arise.

Who is Leef Organics?

Leef Organic couponThe attitude that Leef Organics has is one that perfection comes from the soil. The soil in its natural state and without any unnecessary additives is the answer to a premium crop harvest. They grow their crops using organic methods and thus the CBD extract from their yield is the cleanest and most potent. The whole plant extraction method is a full inclusion of all essential compounds in their natural form. In this way, nothing is lost in the creation process. In addition, their products are not a sum amount of different components put together. What they produce is an amplification of these components by the mere fact of them working in concert. The THC and CBD work in perfect balance to magnify the advantages while at the same time neutralizing the psychoactive effects.

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Why Should I Choose LEEF Organics?

Leef Organics products are a single origin harvest. They are grown using only organic methods of farming. This practice makes their yield the cleanest form of CBD extract. The soil it is grown in has been rigorously tested to ensure the perfect result. Their product is a potent combination of different flavonoids, cannabinoids, amino acids, terpenes, proteins, enzymes and fatty acids. This is a whole plant approach and its outcome is simply beautiful.

What Are They Selling At Leeforganics.com?

Leef Organics is in the business of selling CBD. Their process begins from the fact that they have a single origin harvest. The refinement is a premium one, with no overheating or stripping of the plant. Because it’s organic and non-GMO in nature, their product is the most potent as well as the cleanest in the market.

Best-Selling CBD Products at Leeforganics.com:

This section will cover the best selling products that Leef Organics deals in. Each product will include a small description, ingredients, dosage, benefits, how to use and pricing.

  1. THRIVAL Liquid Superfood – CBD Extract

Leef Organics review

Thrival Liquid Superfood is a CBD formula of the whole plant. The process is called whole plant cold-pressed fermentation. This process retains all the nutrients of the plant and in essence, produces the cleanest form of CBD extract. Given that the quality is higher, lower doses of Thrival Liquid Superfood are required by the body in general.

Its ingredients are whole plant CBD extract and propanediol. Its potency is indicated in the packaging of the bottle. When it comes to using, shake well before consumption and take 2 drops two times daily, either orally or with food. This will assist to bring overall wellness to the body. Thrival Liquid Superfood is not psychoactive, but do not take more than eight drops a day.

The bottle of 15 ml contains no more than 0.3% THC and comes at a one-time purchase price of $100.00. If one subscribes, then they save 10% and purchase it at $90.00.

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  1. Revive – CBD Balm

Leef Organics cbd blam review

This CBD Balm can be applied as needed, an individual cannot overdose on it. Upon application it warms and spreads, therefore can bring relief to a large part of the body (sore muscles and joints). Its manufacturing process is whole flower CBD slow-simmered reduction. This in essence combines with similar botanicals and thus fights inflammation. Some individuals find it useful in dealing with menstrual cramps, others even ingest it. There are no adverse side effects to this, it is quite normal.

Ingredients of Revive CBD Balm are the original whole plant CBD extract, grape seed oil, cacao butter, peony, lavender and calendula. All these are natural ingredients and the product is best stored at room temperature. If by chance temperatures rise and it becomes runny, just put it in the fridge. Change in the state will in no way affect its potency.

The container of 57 grams / 2 ounces contains no more than 0.3% THC and comes at a one-time purchase price of $30.00. If one subscribes, then they save 10% and purchase it at $27.00.

  1. R & R CBN + CBD Salve

LeefOrganics cbn reviews

This is a multi-formula is deeply wholesome, consisting of CBD and CBN. It calms and revitalizes the mind, body and soul, to restore balance and total wellness. It can be applied and reapplied as needed. There is no fear of an overdose. The R & R CBD + CBN Salve upon application offers topical relief where it is needed most. The formula readily warms and spreads, thus a little goes a long way (lower dosage for maximum gain). It uses the organic whole plant CBD extract. The integrity of the plant is therefore of premium quality and so is the final product.

Ingredients of R & R CBD + CBN Salve are the original whole plant CBD extract, CBN extract, Avocado oil, Shea Butter, Jasmine flower oil, Peony, Chamomile, Spotted Cranesbill, Eleuthero root, Ylang-ylang and Euphorbia Cerifera.

The product is best stored at room temperature. If by chance temperatures rise and the balm becomes runny, just put it in the fridge. Change in the state will in no way affect its integrity.

The container of 57 grams / 2 ounces has CBD of 125g and CBN of 200g. It contains no more than 0.3% THC and comes at a price of $48.00.

  1. Recover – CBD Roll-On

Leef Organics Roll-on relief

This is a roll-on that brings relief from a herbal perspective. It includes cold-pressed, full-spectrum whole plant CBD blended with various herbs to accomplish this undertaking. The potency of the herbal muscle and the joint formula is second to none and offers immediate relief for aches and pains. It is easily applicable and provides an effect that is cooling, as well as soothing. A simple shake and roll-on after a workout are perfect over any bodily area that might be aching or experiencing tenderness of some sort. Recover – CBD Roll-On brings immediate sensation and has the effect of working as an anti-inflammatory, muscle support, an elegant topical formulation.

Ingredients of the roll-on are Alcohol, Camphor, Menthol, Glycerin, Hydrolyzed Jojoba Esters, Carageenan, Cetyl Hydroxyethylcellulose, whole plant CBD extract, Xanthan Gum, Ligusticum Chuanxiong Root, Poria Cocos, Licorice Root, Isopropyl, Water, Achyranthes Bidentata Root and Paeonia Albiflora Root.

The roll-on is of 60ml with CBD of 200g. It comes at a one-time purchase price of $40.00. If one subscribes, then they save 10% and purchase it at $36.00.

  1. Wild Crafted – CBD Skin Oil

Leef Organics CBD Skin Oil

This is the ultimate food for all skin types. Wild Crafted CBD Skin Oil is a well balanced botanical blend that readjusts and nurtures the skin. In addition, the oil protects the deep layer of the skin from exterior elements. This Leef Organic CBD Skin Oil is a free-radical fighter as well as an antioxidant.  It evens out the skin, improves elasticity, enhances the glow and boosts collagen. It is easily applicable and not too much is needed as just a little will go a long way. Begin with a few drops and add systematically if the need arises. It is for external use only.

Ingredients of the CBD Skin Oil are the Organic Whole Plant CBD extract, Jasmine, Kukui Nut Oil, Moroccan Rose, Jojoba, Blue Tansy Leaf Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Vitamin E, Comfrey, Lavender and Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract.

Wild Crafted CBD Skin Oil is of 15ml with CBD of 84g. It comes at a one-time purchase price of $35.00. If one subscribes, then they save 10% and purchase it at $31.50. Also, it is vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free and paraben-free.

  1. STEEP – CBD Bath Tea

STEEP - CBD Bath Tea

Steep CBD Bath Tea is designed to be soaked in your bathtub in warm water. Submerging into this will offer a state of relaxation in the CBD bath tea. Bathing in this manner, over and above simply soothing the body, also nourishes the skin, while at the same time providing an aromatic experience and relieving topical skin irritations. There are no limits to how often this bathing can be done, it is not harmful to the skin. One may soak the botanical blend while still in its bag or open the bag to enjoy a loose-leaf bath session. It is for use only once.

The ingredients of the Steep CBD Bath Tea are the Whole Plant CBD, Magnesium Sulfate, Lavender, Himalayan Sea Salt, Jasmine, Moroccan Rose and Boswellia Serrata Extract.

It is 113 grams / 4 ounces and has CBD of 30mg. It comes at a price of $14.00.

Leef Organics FAQs:

  • Is Leef Organics Revive, Thrival and Paleo Paw Daily Wellness LEGAL to sell anywhere?

Yes, under federal law they are safe and legal. Some states though have restrictions. This is against CBD derived from hemp even though it is federally legal. These states are Alabama, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Michigan, Nebraska, Nevada, Ohio, South Dakota, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

  • My Leef Organics Revive arrived in a liquid state?

Due to temperature rise, Revive CBD Balm may go runny. If this occurs just put it in the fridge. Also, this change in the state does not make it lose its integrity.

  • How many doses are in a Leef Organics Thrival bottle?

The Thrival bottle has 300 drops per bottle. 2 drops is considered as one dose, therefore a bottle has 150 doses.

  • Are there any negative side effects on Leef Organics products?

Negative side effects have not been experienced, though individuals react differently to plants and foods. An intolerance to CBD products cannot be guaranteed, always confer with your doctor before using these CBD products.

  • Are there any chemicals used in the extraction process?

No! Leef Organics does not use any chemicals in the extraction or farming process.

  • Is the Palm Oil used in NOOKS + CRANNIES conflict-free?

YES, it is conflict-free. This oil is responsibly sourced. It is also RSPO-certified.

  • Can I travel with Leef Organics CBD products?

In regards to all of Leef Organics products, they have no issues under the updated Federal Law (Agricultural Improvement Act 2018). Therefore, one can travel with our product(s) within the USA. When it comes to international traveling, an individual should look into the customs laws and regulations for the country they would be traveling to.

What Makes LEEF Organics different with other CBD Brands?

Leef Organics is committed to clean ingredients. Its farms practice sustainable means of farming and use whole-plant extraction methods for production. The use of only organic ingredients in its processes, ensure the same pleasurable and effective experience time and time again for the end-user. Leef Organics products are therefore an amplification of the different ingredients that go into its manufacture.

A Few Leef Organics Reviews from Real Customers:

Here are some Leef Organics customer reviews from other sites:

Janice U. – a Leef Organics buyer says:

“Love, love, love this stuff. I have arthiritis and once I roll it on I feel the relief in minutes…”

Cj A – a Leef Organics verified buyer says:

I loved the roll on, not sticky or greasy. Smells great. Really helped my gout pain…

Quick Leeforganics.com Reviews:

Website Layout

LeefOrganic.com reviews

The Leef Organics website is a straight-forward one. The main links to the rest of the website pages are on the header section. The links are Shop, CBD 101, Give Back, Search, Account and Cart. As one moves down the home page, there is more information on Leef Organics. There are links to its online shop for specific products, overviews on a few categories of products and others. At the footer section of the website are more quick-links to the other pages on the website. These links are categorized under ‘Shop’ and ‘Account’. In this same section, one can also subscribe to Leef Organics. There are also links to their social media platforms in this section.

Shopping Processing

Click on ‘Shop’ from the header section of the website, this will lead you to the different categories of products for sale. Some of the categories are ‘Recovery’, ‘Anxiety’, ‘Pain Management’, ‘Sleep’ and others. After this click on the category, you would like and then to the specific product(s) you would wish to purchase. At this point, click on ‘Add to cart’. Click to adjust the quantity of product which you would like to purchase. If you wish to add anything to your shopping cart, you may return and continue shopping. If you are done shopping then proceed to click on ‘Start Checkout’.

Order & Payment

Once you have clicked on ‘Start Checkout’. Here, you will be requested to put in your personal information. If you have a ‘Discount Code’, insert it, otherwise, proceed. Once you are done with this page then click on ‘Continue to shipping’. Here you shall be prompted to specify on the shipping method and as soon as this is finished, click on ‘Continue to payment’. Here one shall enter their credit card details and if the billing details are different from the shipping ones, they shall be entered in as well. Once all this is done then you shall click on ‘Pay now’ and the process shall be done.

The website accepts Visa Card and Master Card and others as the process shall indicate once you get to the payment section.

Customer Service

Customer Service avenues for Leef Organics are not that many. There is the FAQ section. A link is on the website’s footer section. If one’s inquiry appears not to have been addressed in the FAQs, there is the ‘Contact Us’ page. Here there is an email address as well as telephone number that can be used to reach Leef Organics. The footer section of the website has Leef Organics different social media platforms that customers can use to contact them directly.

Is Leef Organics CBD safe for children?

The effect of Leef Organics CBD products is diverse on different people.  It is always advisable to consult your physician before using this CBD product or giving it to a child.

Leef Organics Review – Should I Buy LEEF Organics Products?

Yes, you should buy Leef Organics products.  The products are from a single origin harvest and are the yield of organic methods of farming. The inclusion of all essential compounds in their natural form guarantees the integrity of the final product. Nothing is lost in the process and the potency of the ingredients is amplified, therefore making the outcome simply beautiful. They also come with a Leef Organics coupon code. Please check the offer below:

Free Leef Organics Promo Code:

leef organic coupon codeLEEF Organics Special Offer:

Free Domestic US Shipping on Your LEEF Organics Orders over $75 at leeforganic.com.

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How to Redeem Leef Organics Coupon Code?

Please click on our special Leef Organics coupon code at your order page and it’ll be instantly redeemed & be calculated on the final price of your final billing at leeforganics.com.

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