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HempLand USA Review – America’s #1 Hemp Company!

The following is a review of the company, HempLand USA – America’s #1 Hemp Company! . This article will detail who the company is, what it sells, as well as provide a detailed look into some of its most sought after products. A FAQ section is also included to provide readers with answers to some of their most pressing questions regarding this company and its products.

Finally, the article will conclude by providing a brief overview of the company website. This is done in order to make navigation easier for both return and new visitors to the site.

Who is HempLand USA?

hempland usa coupon codeHempLand USA was founded in 2014 with the intention of mass producing CBD products that could help promote the proper and balanced functioning of the endocannabinoid system. The company grows, extracts, formulates, and packages all of its products to guarantee that high quality standards are met and adhered to.

Visit Site: www.hemplandusa.com

Why Should You Buy HempLand USA  Products?

The company’s products are unique mainly because the company maintains strict control of every step of the production process. This is because it grows and manufactures all of its products in the USA.

In addition, the company uses an independent, third party laboratory to test the products’ potency and purity.

What are They Selling at Hemplandusa.com?

The company is in the business of selling high quality, organic CBD products. These include to tinctures, creams, softgels, and CBD oil. These products vary in strength, dosage, and use. The company’s CBD products are divided into different categories that include ECS5, Full-Spectrum, THC Free, Topicals, Soft Gels, and K9 drops. You can also find books, apparel, salt soaks, and gift sets available for sale on the website.

Best Selling Products at Hemplandusa.com:

This section will provide concise descriptions about some of the company’s most prominent products. Here, readers will get information regarding price, ingredients, and benefits of these popular products. These products include:

  1. CANNABITOL Full-spectrum Hemp CBD Oil-Enhanced With ECS5TM 500MG

CANNABITOL Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil coupon

This product has an introductory strength, and consists of 500mg of full spectrum CBD as well as 500mg of ECS5.

It contains no gluten, additives, starch, or yeast. It is recommended that you take one or two droppers of this product per day. Do not use it if you are nursing or are pregnant.

Currently, this product goes for $59.95. Check our Hemp Land USA coupon code below:

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  1. CANNABITOL Full-spectrum Hemp CBD Oil 1000mg


This CBD Oil goes for $59.95 and includes 1 fl Oz of full spectrum hemp. Each bottle comes with 30 servings, and the CBD has undergone supercritical extraction of carbon dioxide to guarantee potency and purity.

Peppermint oil has been used for flavouring. It is recommended that you take one dropper up to four times each day.

  1. CANNABITOL THC Free Hemp CBD Oil 2000mg

HempLand Hemp CBD oil discount

This is a 2000mg bottle providing a CBD dose of intermediate strength. Each HempLand Hemp CBD oil bottle contains 30 servings per bottle. The only additive found here is peppermint oil that is used to enhance the flavour.

This product costs $99.95 per bottle.

  1. CANNABITOL Soft Gels 1500mg

hemplandusa softgel promo code

This soft gels provide maximum strength of CBD oil. There are 60 softgels in each box, and every soft gel contains 25mg. There are no additives, gluten, starch, or yeast in this product. Furthermore, this product is designed for people who desire the maximum dosage of CBD.

Total cost for this product is $79.95.

  1. CANNABITOL Therapeutic Cream 350mg

Hempland usa cream sale

The CANNABITOL Therapeutic Cream contains 350mg of a special blend of CBD and active botanicals. It is paraben free, non-greasy, and does not contain any petroleum or mineral oil.

Zero animal testing was conducted during the manufacture of this product. Efficacy is guaranteed, and so is durability.

Always apply the cream to any area you are experiencing discomfort. You should do this a maximum of three times each day. This cream can be used during the day and night time as well.

The cost of this restorative cream is $39.95.

  1. CANNABITOL K-9 Drops 350mg Hemp CBD (THC Free)

Hempland K-9 drops deal

Hempland’s K-9 drops cost $29.95 and it consists of 11.7mg of the company’s proprietary CBD hemp oil per serving. This CBD has undergone supercritical carbon dioxide extraction. A tinge of liver has been added to flavour this product. Other than this, there are no other additives.

It is highly recommended to have one serving two times a day. This product is also good for dogs. Dosage in this case is based on the weight of the animal.

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FAQs of HempLand USA:

  • Where is your hemp sourced from?

The hemp of HempLand USA uses in its products is organically grown in both outdoor farms and greenhouses in Colorado and California.

  • Is the hemp of HempLand USA organic?

The company’s hemp is grown using only organic farming methods and all of them are free from toxins and pesticides. To guarantee the extraction process is void of any contaminants, the company uses a solvent free extraction method.

  • Which HempLand USA CBD product is right for me?

Your desired effect as well as your individual preferences will heavily influence the product that is best for you. CBD tinctures are for those who require full body balancing. These CBD products have maximum bioavailability, and are easy to customize as well as dose.

HempLand USA soft gels are preferable for people who want to take their dose of CBD while on the move. They are easily portable and provide users with full body balancing. However, softgels are less bioavailable than the tinctures because the former have to go through the digestive tract first before being absorbed into the bloodstream.

CBD lotions and topical creams offer relief to localized spots on the body. These topical applications work by targeting the cannabinoid receptors that are found on the top layers of our skin. If you are looking for fast acting relief on a particular spot then topical CBD will be most appropriate. Please note that topical CBD does not provide users with full body balancing like ingestible CBD products do.

Quick HempLandusa.com Reviews:

Website Layout

hempland usa review

Their official website layout (https://www.hemplandusa.com/) is simple, which makes it easy to navigate. The most prominent products are well displayed on the homepage, and you can shop directly from this page. Links to pertinent pages across the website can be found on the header of the homepage.

Shopping Processing

Several products are on display on the homepage, and you can add these to your shopping cart directly. In addition, product categories can be accessed from the ‘Shop’ tab on the homepage.

Order and Payment

Once you complete your shopping, you can proceed to the checkout page. Here you will be required to enter your personal and payment details, as well as select your preferred payment method. Authorize payment for the goods you would like to purchase. You will receive an email confirming your purchase, and providing details on shipping.

Customer Service

The company has a comprehensive FAQ page where customers can look up answers to commonly asked questions regarding the company’s products. In addition, there is a ‘Contact Us’ page on the website that provides contact details for the company.

HempLand USA Review – Should I Buy HempLand USA?

Indeed you should as its products have been certified for purity, efficacy, and potency by a competent third party laboratory. In addition, all of its products are grown and produced in the USA. Furthermore, these products are designed to support your endocannabinoid system, giving you a balanced body and mind. Remember to check HempLand USA coupon code, promo code, and special offer:

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